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The present issue of Scientific Journal is devoted to issues related to food quality, nutrition and consumer preferences. The assessment of consumer attitudes can be found, among others, in the “Evaluation of fruit sorbets consumer preferences”.

The Journal includes interesting studies about the variability of food components of animal and vegetable origin. The results of this research are described, among others, in the following publications: “Protein fractions of ricotta available on the Polish market” and “Protein content in various kinds of cheeses available on the market” or “Influence of the multiplicity yerba mate brewing on the antioxidant activity of the beverages”.

Problems of nutrition and consumer attitudes towards the food products market are further presented in the current quarterly. Among the articles which should call one’s attention are those that concentrate on nutritional problems such as “Assessment of sodium chloride content in smoked mackerels purchased in large retail chains” and “Analysis of low-energy and low-glycemic index diets published at the internet portals” or “The level of interest regarding nutrition issues among the selected group of children and teenagers aged 10–16 years”. Subsequent publications are concentrated on microbiological aspects of food quality.

Special attention should be paid to the publication entitled “Assessement
of the influence of the flavour additive on the size of lactic acid bacteria population
in a selected food product intended for special medical purposes” indicating significant relationships between the microbiological and organoleptic characteristics of food. The publication “Effects of household washing on the reduction of microbiological contamination of minimally processed vegetables” has been devoted to the microbiology of vegetable products.

Similarly, the properties of organic, highly processed food found its place
in this year's issue – the results of research are described in the study entitled “Quality assessment of butter rolls from selected traditional and ecological bakeries”.

The presented publications are a source of valuable information regarding consumer safety and their knowledge about selected aspects of nutrition.


Prof. dr hab. Izabela Steinka

Izabela Steinka
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