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The current issue of the Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University contains publications on a variety of subjects covering issues from several different scientific disciplines, including: automation, electronics and electrical engineering, civil engineering and transport, health sciences and quality sciences.

The article ‘Case study-based experience concerning technical and economical effectiveness resulting from the operation of photovoltaic installations’ discusses current issues related to the exploitation problems of prosumer photovoltaic installations. Photovoltaic micro-installations are enjoying great popularity.
The total capacity of such installations in Poland is currently about 4 GW.
The presented results of the energy and economic efficiency analyses clearly confirm that the design assumptions differ significantly from the actual value of the electricity generated by photovoltaic panels. The assessment of the profitability of
a prosumer photovoltaic micro-installation can only be based on the measurements of the electricity produced.

The article ‘The stack control strategy based on the concept of operational temperature’ presents two alternative strategies for stacking containers in a terminal. The author has proven through simulation studies that the temperature strategy for container storage enables a 6% reduction in the number of moves required to handle the annual container flow compared to the current strategy.

The publication ‘Consumer attitudes towards probiotic supplements’ is related to health science and concerns patients’ (consumers’) attitudes towards supplementation with substances that promote the development of normal bacterial flora in the human body. The results of the questionnaire-based study showed that nearly 64% of the respondents were positive about the use of probiotics.

The aim of the last article, ‘The Actinidia arguta “Hortgem thai” and Actinidia deliciosa “Hayward” kiwi fruit as a source of exogenous antioxidants’ assessed
the content of exogenous antioxidants in the kiwi fruit available in Gdynia, Poland and their ability to reduce free radicals.


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Robert Starosta
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