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The current issue of the Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University contains articles on a wide variety of topics. The articles present the results of research in the field of engineering and technical sciences related to the organisation of maritime transport, the results of research dedicated to the development of services and shaping their quality and innovations in the market of food products. The current issue contains publications by employees of Gdynia Maritime University, the University of Gdańsk and Odessa National Maritime University.
The issue begins with a maritime-themed article. It presents a model for constructing a ship’s turning trajectory with a control device and analyses the variables affecting the change of the model parameters. The study includes program code for constructing trajectories in MATLAB software environment. The author indicates that the model presented provides an interesting solution for the autonomous control of the steering device, which in turn will allow, in the future, the ability to program the steering device of a large ship to the fourth level of autonomy.
The next publication presents the possibility of using the quality cost account as a tool for improving quality in an organisation. The study shows an example of identification and quantification of quality costs for the catering industry. A presentation of quality costs was made and a method of recording quality costs characteristic of catering production was proposed along with the means of their analysis and optimisation. The possibility of the use of this tool by large chains operating in the catering industry to identify the strengths and weaknesses of pro-quality activities was highlighted.
Another article is devoted to the development of the HR Tech industry in Poland. The authors analysed the factors that determine the performance of startups providing human resource services to entrepreneurs and employees. Problems were identified which make running this type of business difficult and which sometimes result in discontinuation of the service.
The next study is devoted to systems of certification of the Dynamic Positioning Operator in the offshore sector. The study presents two certification bodies (Maritime Institute and DNV) and the differences in their certification systems. It shows that DNV’s offer is more attractive than that of the Maritime Institute, which has so far been the leader in this field. The certification system offered by DNV is more wide-ranging, specialised and attractive for both ship owners and future DPOs. According to the author, this may strengthen DNV’s market position and reduce the importance of the Maritime Institute’s offer.
The last article presents the results of a survey of consumers’ opinions on product innovations in the isotonic drinks market. The expectations of potential buyers of this type of beverage and the factors that are important to them when choosing products were studied. The authors paid special attention to innovative aspects of the product, related to the raw material used that determines its flavour.
All the publications presented are interesting and the issues they address are relevant and important for the development of the respective fields.


                                                                       Agnieszka Rybowska


Agnieszka Rybowska
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