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This issue of the journal has focused primarily on topics related to food and nutrition but it also includes a content related to the shipping. The included articles presented problems of frequency of fiber consumption, behavior on the market of unconventional foods and foods rarely used in diets,  assessment of the knowledge of those responsible for nutrition as well as inter-governmental agreements in shipping.

The frequency of eating fiber and the problem of underestimating this food component was discussed in a publication describing the knowledge and nutrition interests among adult women. Recognizing and accepting unconventional foods by consumers is another important area related to nutrition trends and nutrition hygiene. The current issue of the journal included the definition and frequency of consumption of unconventional products by the senior population. The journal also included discussion of parental knowledge of dietary supplements intended for children. Finally, the issue raised the topic of health risks among consumers of rarely used food additives such as pickled garlic.

The last article addresses the topic of the agreement between Indonesia and Australia, regarding the area of the maritime zone in the international arena. It presents the juridical review of maritime boundaries between Australia-Timor Leste and Indonesia by using descriptive-qualitative analysis, juridical normative and completing data in primary and secondary law.

Izabela Steinka

Izabela Steinka
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