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In the current issue we publish results of latest research from the field of electrical engineering presented in six articles. These articles are dedicated to telecommunication systems and electrical power systems, respectively.

The section devoted to telecommunication systems includes four articles, which present problems of advancements in signal processing and related equipment applied in modern telecommunication systems. Those problems are intensively explored in the last several years.

The first paper describes a model of weather receiving station consisting of a microcontroller system and LabVIEW application. The DataSocket client application enables presentation of current and historical data on timeline graph.

The second article presents design and construction of an evaluation board with an AVR microcontroller from Atmel Corp. and large amount of simple peripheral elements which can be connected to almost any pin of the microcontroller with a pin wire. The constructed evaluation board fives optimal conditions for teaching microcontrollers in the laboratory.

The next paper is dedicated to analysis of the wireless channels and links by exploiting the so-called input-output description. Discussion is illustrated by means of results of simulations performed by help of the MATLAB program.

The fourth paper overviews the progress of work on the e-navigation project carried out by the International Maritime Organization – IMO.

Two remaining articles are related to electrical power systems and include, respectively: results regarding preliminary investigation of selected induction cage motor under supply voltage containing subharmonics injection (the fifth paper) and deal with assessment methodology of a combined cycle plant characteristics impact on the quality of produced electrical power (the sixth paper).

                                                                       Janusz Mindykowski

Janusz Mindykowski
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