Apple Pulp Inhibition Properties Concerning Staphylococcus Aureus ATTC 25923 Populations

Izabela Steinka         


Gdynia Maritime University, Morska 81-87, 81-225 Gdynia, Poland,
Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Quality Science, Chair of Quality Science and Quality Management, e-mail:,


The purpose of this study was to evaluate S. aureus inhibition by phytoncides present in apple pulp. The apple fruit used in the tests were of the cultivars: Grey Rennet and Cox's Orange Pippin. The behaviour of the staphylococcus population in its interaction with apple pulp was tested after 30 and 120 minutes of storage at 37oC. S. aureus growth was determined on an RPF Baird-Parker substrate. The tests demonstrated biocidal properties of Grey Rennet pulp against S. aureus. The other apple cultivar displayed weak biostatic properties, reducing the staphylococcus population by only 22.6% after two hours of incubation.

apple, pulp, S. aureus, biostatic properties
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Citation pattern: Steinka I., Apple Pulp Inhibition Properties Concerning Staphylococcus Aureus ATTC 25923 Populations , Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, No. 110, pp. 40-44, 2019

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