For Editors

The SJ GMU Subject Area Editor is responsible for:

  • gathering articles from authors,
  • supervision of review process according to the guidelines displayed in sections For Author and For Reviewer
  • preliminary initiation of articles selection for publication in SJ GMU and, in cooperation with the Editor-in-Chief, recommendation of articles to the Scientific Board,
  • submission of reviewed and set articles, including reviews and copyright claims by author, according to the guidelines and within the deadline set out in the Regulations of the GMU Publishing House,
  • submission of a list of accepted articles along with an indication of order of publication and the list of rejected articles,
  • submission of the list of reviewers who reviewed the articles along with articles for publication
  • carrying on the communication with authors of articles at various stages of the article’s preparation for publication (information on the status of article),
  • maintain a database of potential reviewers.

In case of the special issue of the Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, initiating editor submits to the Editor-in-Chief an application for the special issue that includes:

  • title proposition/suggestion,
  • indication of the issue’s subject area and scientific discipline with an explanation of such concept,
  • number of articles,
  • proposed number of special issue’s copies,
  • proposed editorial staff and reviewers,
  • statement concerning funding of the issue along with confirmation of funds’ disposer to cover the costs,
  • statement of initiating editor on accepting the review and editorial requirements.

Articles submitted by initiating editor for publication in the special Issue of the SJ GMU will be published upon fulfillment of all requirements, including formal review process and editorial requirements.