Variability of geometrical properties, surface color and phenolic compounds content of commercial roasted buckwheat groats


This study was aimed at evaluating commercial roasted buckwheat groats for their organoleptic and geometrical traits, color and content of phenolic compounds. An attempt was also undertaken to correlate the achieved values of the analyzed parameters. The shape, sizes and color (HIS model) were determined using Digital Image Analysis (DIA), whereas the content of phenolics was assayed spectrophotometrically with the Folin-Ciocalteu method. High variability was noted in projection area and length of seeds. In turn, seed circularity was the trait with the lowest variance coefficient. The analyzed groats differed also in color, which may be due to differences in the size of seeds subjected to the roasting process. The low variability was also found in the case of free phenolics content. Finally, the study demonstrated a positive correlation between buckwheat seed surface and the content of phenolic compounds, which may be caused by a correlation between seed size and roasting time.

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roasted buckwheat groats
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Citation pattern: Dąbrowski G., Skrajda M., Tańska M., Ruszkowska M., Variability of geometrical properties, surface color and phenolic compounds content of commercial roasted buckwheat groats, Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, No. 94, pp. 81-90, 2016

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