Eastern European Union Countries in the Intra-EU Food Trade in 1999–2019


Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Management and Quality Science, 81-87 Morska St., 81-225 Gdynia, Poland, e-mail: m.piglowski@wznj.umg.edu.pl


The results of research on intra-European Union (EU) food trade conducted by the Eastern EU countries were presented in 1999-2019, including exports and imports. The study applied cluster analysis: Eastern EU countries’ share of intra-EU food trade increased from 5% (in 1999) to 15% (in 2019). These countries traded mostly in beverages, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Eastern EU countries traded in food mainly among themselves, including their closest neighbours, regionally and with Germany. To increase their share of exports to other EU countries, these countries could use lower food prices and the benefits of traditional approaches to food production.

European Union, food trade, Standard International Trade Classification, Eastern European countries, cluster analysis
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Citation pattern: Pigłowski M., Eastern European Union Countries in the Intra-EU Food Trade in 1999–2019, Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, No. 126, pp. 19-32, 2023

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