Consumers attitudes with respect to ecological cosmetic products

Agnieszka Rybowska         


Cosmetics market is one of the fastest growing consumer markets, where client gets newer and newer products for body care. Purpose of the studies was to investigate the consumers' opinion about innovations in cosmetics products. Survey was carried out in the group of 185 women residents of Pomerania province. Questionnaire of survey included closed questions with single or multiple choice. Results were presented as the percentage of responses. Respondents demonstrated interest in new types of cosmetics, especially ecological ones. Encouraging the purchase of a new kinds of cosmetics were factors like gentleness to the skin, a smaller amount of preservatives, better quality. There are also barriers for using such cosmetics like poor accessibility on market and too high price. Consumers choosing cosmetics are often guided by the opinion of other persons.

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ecological products
eco cosmetics
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Citation pattern: Rybowska A., Consumers attitudes with respect to ecological cosmetic products, Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, No. 84, pp. 158-164, 2014

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