Selected Aspects of the Quality of Life of the Elderly

Maria Śmiechowska         


The turn of the 20th and 21st centuries has been a period of socioeconomic turbulence in many regions of the world. One of the observed phenomena is the ageing of the nations, particularly in the developed countries. The Polish society is also ageing. Statistical data show that after 2050 every third person living in Poland would pass the retirement age. The senior society is not homogenous. The practitioners recognize the age ranges 60+, 70+, and 80+. In each of these groups, other health, living, economic, and social problems are observed. The solutions to these problems and fulfilling the needs of the seniors are the tasks crucial to many areas of the social life and influence the general life quality of the elderly. The recent research shows that the elderly are one of the most numerous consumer groups. The changes in the service market indicate an urgent need for aiming special market products at this consumer group. Another area that requires urgent changes and adaptation to new needs of seniors are the branches of spa services, wellness, rehabilitation, but with a totally new approach to tackle this problem. Changes should be welcome also in the areas of nutritional, cosmetic, and cosmetic medicine services. Along with the increasing number of elderly people it became necessary to care for their needs. The aim of this paper is to present the range of problems connected with the elderly people.

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Citation pattern: Śmiechowska M., Selected Aspects of the Quality of Life of the Elderly, Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, No. 74, pp. 43-50, 2012

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